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AUROVILLE (City of Dawn) is an experimental township  near Pondicherry.
SRI AUROBINDO ASHRAM is located in Pondicherry, a small coastal town 160 km south of Chennai.
AAYI MANDAPAM also known as the Park Monument, and one of the attractive place in Pondicherry.
ARIKAMEDHU in the early periods brought out the bustling Indo–Roman trade centre in Pondicherry.
CHUNNAMBAR RESORT is along the banks of Ariyankkupam River about 8 km from Pondicherry.
PONDICHERRY MUSEUM Established in 1983, this century-old heritage building is the youngest museum.
BOTANICAL GARDENS & AQUARIUM by C.S. Perrotet a beautiful tourist attraction in Pondicherry.
19TH CENTURY LIGHTHOUSE an old lighthouse on Goubert Salai in Pondicherry.
One of the best BEACHES in South India lies in Pondicherry are extremely clean with clear waters.
KARGIL WAR MEMORIAL built in Pondicherry on the Beach Road by the Indian army.
STATUE OF DUPLEIX Pondicherrry, 3 meter high, built to honor Francois Dupleix, who governed.
FRENCH WAR MEMORIAL is situated on the Goubert Avenue (Beach Road) in Pondicherry.
The AMBEDKAR MANIMANDAPAM in Pondicherry, remembrance of the Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar.
BHARATHIYAR MANIMANDAPAM is located at eight kilometers from Pondicherry.
BHARATHIYAR MUSEUM home of Subramaniya Bharathi Tamil poet and patriot who arrived Pondicherry.
The BHARATHIDASAN MUSEUM is the former house of a renowned Pondicherry born poet.
STATUE OF MAHATMA GANDHI, on the beach road, surrounded by carved monolithic pillars.
Pondicherry LE CAFE is one of the most beautiful locations in Goubert avenue.
Pondicherry is home to several famous CHURCH. Many churches were built by the French.
Sri manakula vinayagar TEMPLE was in existence before the French came in Pondicherry.
The MOSQUE in Pondicherry are quite old and religious practices are conducted with a lot of devotion.
The OUSTERI LAKE is a century old artificial lake located 10 km from Pondicherry.
The marble statue of JOAN of ARC in the  memory of Heroine France in Pondicherry.

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