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Aayi Mandabam

Aayi Mandabam
alt The ever popular Government Park of Pondicherry is one of the major tourism attractions of the city. In the heart of this wonderful park stands the Aayi Mandapam. The Aayi Mandapam in Pondicherry is one of the wonderful monuments of the city and one of the Pondicherry Attractions also. According to the historians, it was built during the sixteenth century. It was named after a lady courtesan called Ayi. She destroyed her own house to erect a water reservoir to supply water for the city. At that time Napoleon III was the ruler of France. Later on, the French authority named the place to remember her contribution to the city.The magnificent Aayi Mandapam  in Pondicherry is one of  the reasons  behind the popularity of

the Government Park or the Bharati Park.

The tower stands majestically at the center of the park, enhancing its look. The Aayi Mandapam monument was built in accordance to the Greco - Roman style of Architecture. Visitors in the park get enchanted with the presence of this wonderful architectural brilliance. Especially in the evenings, the Aayi Mandapam looks beautiful with the help of sparkling illuminations. The illuminated Aayi Mandapam at Government Park stands as a distinct landmark in the night sky of the city, pronouncing its proud presence.
Aayi Mandabam