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Aurobindo Ashram

Aurbindo Ashram
Pondicherry is synonymous with the Aurbindo Ashram. It is the place where the great Indian philosopher Aurbindo lived and died. The Ashram is in Rue de la Marine. It is also the place where Aurbindo’s disciple and companion Mirra Alfassa who was from Paris and who later came to be known as the mother lived and died. The ashram was set up in the year 1926 by Sri Aurbindo Ghose .His philosophy is derived in a combination of yoga and modern science. The ashram has received a lot of fame in India and abroad. The devotees come from all over the world. The Ashram is one of the richest in the country. Aurbindo Ashram is instrumental in giving Pondicherry the name of a spiritual town.
The Ashram has been instrumental in creating the spiritual feel of the city. The Ashram consists of several buildings. There are Ashram guest houses as well. The main Ashram building is the place where the Samadhi of Sir Aurbindo and the Mother are kept. This place is covered with flowers daily. There is a Library as well. Aurbindo Ashram belives in being a self sufficient unit. It has a factory that manufactures incense sticks, hand made papers, greeting cards, perfumed candles and the likes. These are very popular and sold in the domestic and international market. Aurbindo Ashram is the proud possession of Pondicherry.