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One of the best beaches in South India lies in Pondicherry. These beaches in Pondicherry are extremely clean with clear waters and clean sands. To add to it the beaches are not very crowded. Maximum care has been given to highlight the beauty of these beaches with cafes and other eateries along with resorts and cottages for the visitors. These buildings are built in a way that it does not affect the calmness and the natural beauty of the beach. 

Serenity Beach is very much in the town and characterizes the essence of its name. It has a very calm  and  serene  atmosphere and  the  sands
and the waters are extremely neat and tidy.


The Paradise Beach houses the famous Chunnamber resort and is on the Cuddalore main road. The highlight is that there is a creek flowing on one side. The beach is extremely attractive as the sands are very clean and the water crystal clear. The beach offers a lot of sports facilities and accommodation on treetop houses which is an added attraction. One can also catch a glimpse of the friendly dolphins. The Paradise beach or the Plage Paradise is one of the most famous beaches of Pondicherry.

The Promenade Beach and the monuments around speak of the rich heritage of Pondicherry.  Some of the important monuments of the city are
on the shores of this beautiful beach. They include the statues of Mahatma Gandhi, Joan of Arc and Dupleix, the War Memorial etc.A lot of information pertaining to Pondicherry can be acquired through the information centre which faces the beach.

A proud beach named as Auroville beach due to its proximity to Auroville is located about 12 kms from the Pondicherry town. This beach is liked by all as it is extremely safe with shallow waters. It is an extremely serene beach.