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Pondicherry has a mixed population with people belonging to various religions. The religions include Hinduism, Christianity and Islam. And hence understandably so, the place has a whole lot of places of worship for each faith. The number of Churches out numbers the other places of worship due to its French Heritage. Nevertheless the town has a fair number of temples here. Some of the noteworthy temples here include the three century old Manakula Vinayagar Koil dedicated to Ganesha, The Varadaraja Perumal temple which dates back to 600 AD and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu, in the form of Varadaraja, The Vedhapureeswara Temple dedicated to Lord Siva, Kanniga Parameswari temple dedicated to Goddess
Sakthi and  famous for  its blend of French  and Tamil architecture and Kamatchiamman  Temple dedicated to Durga and unique due to its stark features. All these  temples are located  within the town itself and hence can be easily accessed.
Another famous temple of Sri Gokilambal Thirukameshwara Temple is located away from the town in a small town called Villianur. This temple has a Sivalingam and also has shrines of Murugan and Devi. The temple dates back to the Chola rule of the town.

Sri Panchamukha Jaya Aanjeneyar Temple, Panchavadi is run by Sri Jaya Maruthi Seva Trust. Sri Aanjaneyar is depicted here as "Viswaroopam" with five faces viz., Anjaneyar, Narasimhar, Varahar, Hayagreevar and Garudar. The Garudar face is on the back side of the Viswaroopam. The actual height of the Anjaneya idol is 30 feet while the Peedam  is  six feet
high and the Upapeedam has a height of three and a half feet. It has a girth of 15 feet and after installation the actual height of the idol touches 40 feet. A 64-feet high Vimanam is built over the sanctum sanctorum.
These temples are interesting in that it has the architectural features of the French and the Tamil style. Some of the rituals followed also have a French influence. The beauty of Pondicherry is that one can catch a glimpse of people and practices of various faiths. Pondicherry is said to have been the abode of the revered Sage Agasthya according to mythology and hence Hindus revere this place. The ceremonies in the temples are conducted with a lot of reverence, devotion and passion.