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alt Pondicherry is famous for its churches which date back to centuries. However there are a huge number of temples and mosques here as well. The Mosques found here are quite old and religious practices are conducted here with a lot of devotion. Pondicherry is home to several noteworthy mosques as well. The Jamai Mosque is revered by everyone and is also beautiful to look at .One of the oldest and the most famous mosques in Pondicherry are the Meeran Mosque which is famous for its sanctity and architectural beauty. The mosque has the graves of Meeran and Suubhi Errai Perriar Mullah in it. Meeran was instrumental in building the mosque. The other famous mosques include the Kuthbha Mosque and
Mullah Mohammed Mosque. Kuthbha Mosque has the Darga of Moulla Saiubha Kuthba and hence the name. The place has prayers offered every day. Mulla Mohammed Mosque is part of the Kuthba Mosque the significance of which is that it has preaching in Urdu. The mosque is  characterized by a pond and halls for prayers, cooking and Janesha in it. The religious festivals in Islam are conducted with a lot of fervor in these mosques. They are decorated and well lit during festivities.