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Pondicherry is home to several famous Churches. Many churches were built by the French, and its structure and architecture gives a definite French feel. One such example of a church is the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This church is full of eye pleasing paintings in stained glass and also has beautiful marble decorations. This church was supposed to have been erected in 1700s by French Missionaries. Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is a catholic church and is white and brown structure.
The other famous churches include the Church of Capuchins, Notre dame de, The Notre Dame des Agnes, Church of the Assumption, The Church of Our Lady of Lourdes, and Church of Our Lady of Good Health Church of Capuchins holds the distinction of being one of the first churches in Pondycherry. Though this church has lost its old charm; it is still revered and houses an orphanage. The Notre dame de reminds one of the typical French churches. The statue is of Our Lady with the infant Jesus in her arms. The Notre Dame Des Agnes is church built on the Greek-Roman architectural design. The place is a visual treat as it has the much acclaimed oil painting of Our Lady of the Assumption.
There is a church which is of much interest to the followers and the tourists called the Church of Our Lady of Lourdes. It is in the model of Basilica in France. There also stands a statue of Notre Dame donated by the French Government. There is a ritual of temple bathing every year. This church is located in Villianur. The Church of Assumption is located at Nellitoppu. This church is famous for its fine altar pieces which is an exquisite sight. The Church of Our Lady of Good Health is located at Ariyankkuppam and is a rebuilt version of the church built in 1690. A lot of wooden paintings can be found here.